Top 19 Mossy Locations in Oregon

Are you looking for those dreamy, lush, moss-covered forests of Oregon for your photo session (or just to visit)?! As a photographer who’s heart lives and breathes Oregon and all of it’s mossy green goodness, I’ve compiled this list of the Top 19 Mossy Locations in Oregon. Most of these locations are within a few hours of Portland. There are tons of amazing trails located in each park and forest listed.

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  1. Columbia River Gorge: Explore the lush forests and waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge, such as Multnomah Falls, Wahkeena Falls, and Latourell Falls.
  2. Silver Falls State Park: Known as the “crown jewel” of the Oregon State Parks system, Silver Falls State Park features several stunning waterfalls surrounded by moss-covered cliffs and lush foliage.
  3. Cape Lookout State Park: Along the Oregon Coast, Cape Lookout offers dense forests, moss-covered trees, and scenic ocean views.
  4. Opal Creek Wilderness: Located in the Willamette National Forest, Opal Creek Wilderness boasts ancient forests, crystal-clear streams, and plenty of moss-covered rocks and trees.
  5. Forest Park: Just minutes from downtown Portland, Forest Park offers miles of trails through mossy forests, perfect for a convenient photoshoot.
  6. Hoyt Arboretum: Also in Portland, the Hoyt Arboretum features over 2,000 species of trees from around the world, providing a diverse backdrop for photoshoots amidst mossy landscapes.
  7. Tillamook State Forest: Another option along the Oregon Coast, Tillamook State Forest offers dense forests, moss-covered trees, and secluded trails.
  8. Tryon Creek State Natural Area: Located near Portland, Tryon Creek State Natural Area offers a serene setting with mossy trees, tranquil streams, and plenty of wildlife.
  9. Ecola State Park: Near Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast, Ecola State Park features mossy forests, rocky cliffs, and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.
  10. Marys Peak: In the Coast Range Mountains, Marys Peak offers panoramic views of the Willamette Valley and the Pacific Ocean, along with mossy forests and alpine meadows.
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These next 9 are all located in the Columbia River Gorge – waterfull & mossy trail central!

  1. Trail of 10 Falls, Silver Falls State Park: This trail takes you through a canyon draped in ferns and mosses, with several waterfalls along the way, offering plenty of photo opportunities.
  2. Giant Spruce Trail, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area: Located along the Oregon Coast, this short trail leads you through a coastal rainforest filled with towering spruce trees covered in moss.
  3. Munson Creek Falls: Oregon’s tallest waterfall, Munson Creek Falls, is surrounded by mossy rocks and lush vegetation, providing a picturesque backdrop for your photoshoot.
  4. Sweet Creek Trail, Siuslaw National Forest: This trail features a series of waterfalls cascading through a lush canyon adorned with moss-covered rocks and vibrant greenery.
  5. Proxy Falls: Nestled in the Willamette National Forest, Proxy Falls is a stunning two-tiered waterfall framed by moss-covered basalt columns and surrounded by old-growth forest.
  6. Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint: Another gem in the Columbia River Gorge, Bridal Veil Falls offers a short hike through mossy forests to a beautiful waterfall plunging into a moss-lined pool.
  7. Twin Falls, Olallie State Park: A short hike from the trailhead leads you to Twin Falls, where water cascades over moss-covered rocks into a serene pool below, creating a tranquil setting for your photoshoot.
  8. Lower South Falls, Silver Falls State Park: Accessible via the Trail of Ten Falls loop, Lower South Falls is surrounded by moss-covered cliffs, providing a dramatic backdrop for your photos.
  9. Elowah Falls: This waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge tumbles over a mossy basalt amphitheater, creating a mesmerizing scene that’s perfect for capturing the beauty of Oregon’s mossy landscapes.
Colubmia River Gorge mossy forest

April 11, 2024

Hannah Kutner



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