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I believe deeply in vulnerability. I believe that you can only meet people as far as you've met yourself. So let's say f*ck it to the " I love burritos and sunsets bio." (I mean duh... who doesn't love a good burrito or colorful sunset?! But that doesn't mean much. Let's go deeper than that, because I hope for you to do the same. 

I want to be vulnerable because having your photograph taken is such a vulnerable thing in itself and I do my best to practice what I preach. I started taking photos because I wanted to make people feel beautiful. I had the living sh*t bullied out of me from elementary school, all the way to high school. I had no self worth. I knew the power one bad image held - it could ruin someone's whole perception of themselves. I experienced it myself - a bad angle, caught off guard, sat in a weird way - one photo could crush your soul. But then I learned what was even MORE powerful - a good image. To be caught in just the right light, a belly laugh, doing something you love - to be documented from the most beautiful perspective - to show you the light others see you in.  

That is the most powerful gift I could ever give, to show someone just how beautiful they are. So I made that my life's mission. I knew all it took was putting someone in their element - a space where they felt safe, to be authentic, to show up exactly as they are, a space where we want anything BUT perfect. I knew there were so many perfectly imperfect stories to be told, so many love stories to be documented - people who just needed a photographer to let them be exactly who they are. My goal is to create art that feels like YOU, which means getting to know each couple and their story, their why, their hearts, and creating authentically with that. 

My name is Hannah


I always thought everyone else lived this perfectly aesthetic life, you know, the kind you see on Pinterest that makes eating a strawberry look cute (and then you do it and you're like ????? lol). I didn't understand why my life wasn't like that and I just so deeply wanted it to be. It took me a few years to finally realize this but... 
My life was exactly that. My life was beautifully perfect exactly how it was - the smile lines, the ugly carpet in my rental, the dog hair all over my clothes. It was always  "pinterest worthy." I just never saw it in that light - I needed to learn to romanticize my own life. That's exactly what I do. I show you how beautiful your day to day is - I romanticize your love story and show you just how beautiful it is - every single part of it, ugly carpet, and dog hair included.

what inspires me


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a sunday tradition, spent making pasta

best photo assistant ever !!!

From a small town in New Jersey, I decided to uproot my life and move across the country alone at 19 years old. Not knowing a single person in Colorado, I took a chance with fear and excitement, to be closer to the mountains, a place that felt like home. This meant leaving my business behind and building it up from square one out here. It also meant a world of joy, opportunities, and connection that I never would have known. It was the best decision I've ever made.

To keep me company in my new state, 2,000 miles from home, I signed up to be a foster for a local dog rescue. Little did I know, my fourth foster pup would be my forever soulmate - Fiona. So yes, now it'll make a little more sense why I JUMP and SCREAM for excitement when you ask if you can bring your fur babies along. Fiona became my very best friend and made Colorado now just a place, but a home. We've hiked many mountains, even one of those dang 14ers, seen the canyons of Utah, and explored through the pines. On my days off, you can probably find us there, wandering leash in hand! 

My Fav Things


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I'll be there at first light, immersed in the mother-of-the-bride's laughter and the bridal party's anticipation. As the groomsmen sneak in a few drinks to calm their nerves, I'll be buzzing with energy, fueled by one too many coffees, ready to document one of the most important and memorable days of your lives.

From the getting-ready preparations to the heartfelt ceremony, lively reception, and even the afterparty, if it's part of your celebration – I'm there. Whether in the heart of the action or discreetly behind the scenes, my lens captures candid moments and intricate details. I'm the storyteller ensuring nothing is missed, from the exchange of vows to Uncle Tom and Aunt Stacy cutting loose on the dance floor. Your day, your story – documented authentically, with a blend of candid shots and styled poses that reflect your unique love story.

Behind the Lens

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat

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the moments you'll relive again and again

MY Philosophy


Each and every session I book is so deeply intentional. I take time getting to know your story and your relationship, spend hours location scouting, craft mood boards and inspiration, spend time on the phone with you talking through ideas and questions, hand edit each image. A session with me isn’t just getting some quick photos done, I’m creating art from your love story. It’s meant to be an experience - one that will last generations through photos passed down, hung on walls, and the feelings you relive every time you see those photos. 

It's more than just a photograph. It's creating art. It's a family heirloom.



words from my couples

March 31, 2021

Nathan & Reina


The final photos blew me away. I could hardly believe that the photos were truly & authentically me. 

She effortlessly captured the emotions and candid moments, all while creating a fun shoot experience.

ARPIL, 03, 2019

Michael & Jessica


 I’ve truly never felt so beautiful. From the process of the shoot to the final results, I was encouraged and made comfortable. Hannah has a way of bringing out the best side of you you never knew you had and capturing it exactly as you are. 

Jan 08, 2021

Nick & Veronica



No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey. 

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