Our photographic journey is not about me—it's about you and the magic we create together. With years of capturing life's beautiful tapestry, I've discovered that each frame holds a universe of emotions waiting to be unlocked. What makes us unique is not just the technical prowess or the creative eye but the shared energy and passion we bring to every session.

Imagine a blend of cinematic elegance and raw authenticity—a visual dance that captures the essence of genuine human experiences. It's not merely about clicking pictures; it's about immersing ourselves in the poetry of your moments. What sets us apart is the commitment to making your story unforgettable, creating visuals that transcend time and touch the core of what makes you, well, you.

Why I can’t wait to document your day

a promised joy of reliving your day, each and every time you open your wedding gallery. a story to be told and retold.


1. Let's Get To Know Each Other

Let's hop on the phone for a free consultation call! We'll chat about your dreams and vision for your big day, bond over shared interests, and make sure I'm the perfect fit for you! I'll tell you all about what storytelling means to me and what it looks like on your day.

7. Sneak Peek

Trust me - I get just as excited as y'all to see the photos... maybe even a little bit more?! I RUN home to my computer after every wedding to start editing the magic of your day. I'll share sneak peeks with you within 48 hours!

6. The Wedding

You don't have to worry about me - your job is to be fully in the moment and take in everything! I have everything covered, from the tiniest moments to the most important ones. You just have the best dang day of your life!

8. You've Got Mail

Grab some wine and get cozy because here's the final unveiling. Hop online to view your slide show and gallery, and I'll send your USB and prints in the mail.

starting from $5,800 | average investment 7-9k

4. The Engagement Shoot

Time to get comfortable in front of the camera. We'll share some drinks and laughs and tell stories of your love through photos. Plus, you'll learn that being in front of the camera is way less intimidating than you thought, and that you're so photogenic and a total natural!

9. Album Design

We’ll design your album together, encapsulating all your favorite moments. The centerpiece of your coffee table. A generational treasure to be shared for the years to come. 

5. All The Details

I'll send you an elaborate questionnaire that goes over everything ever and more for your wedding day! Then we'll hop on another call or two and make sure your day is as flawless as possible! 

2. Lock It In

Let's do the dang thing! Once everything's signed and the retainer is paid, it's time to get to all the fun stuff! Pop some champagne and cheers to booking your photog!

3. You've Got Mail

We all love happy mail! You'll find a special gift for you and your boo, plus a 80-page Wedding Guide to help you with all of your planning! 


Drunk on live, joy and happy tears


I'll have eyes everywhere - so you you'll relive moments you didn't even know happened during your big day!

What fuels my love for photography? It's witnessing the unspoken moments, the laughter, the tears, the shared glances—all those subtle nuances that define the beauty of being human. Through my lens, I aim to craft more than just images; I craft an emotional journey, a testament to your love, your joy, your essence.

I’ll arrive bright and early to settle in quickly and say hi to everyone before I start shooting. I want to make sure that everyone (especially you) is 100% comfortable and pumped for the day ahead

Throughout your day, I’ll be weaving in and out to make sure I catch every precious moment, including moments that went unseen. That quick kiss at the dinner table or tucking that loose strand of hair behind your ear. All the moments that make your heart flutter.

I’ll be the chameleon you want me to be – whether you want me to be the ringmaster herding everyone up for a shot, or to sneak around in the background, capturing all the natural, candid moments. No cheesiness or cringy, forced poses here!

One Story

Two Souls 



What sets your soul on fire?

Have you ever wondered why your favorite movie scenes feel so magical? It often boils down to something called color grading. Think about the warm tones and sunshine in those scenes—it's like an instant feeling of love, safety, and joy. That's the same magic I bring to your photos. Though all of my editing is consistent with my style, each session is edited individually, to represent the exact feeling of those moments. 

When I edit your pictures, I focus on choosing colors that enhance the feelings in each shot. It's not just about making things look pretty; it's about making you feel something when you look back at your special moments. So, picture me as your color wizard, adding those warm, inviting hues to create a visual story that resonates with the love and joy of your day. The wedding is just a snippet of the time I invest—so much of the magic unfolds during the editing process!

Your legacy starts here


Fine art albums, Handcrafted Memories

Picture the joy of holding in your hands a beautifully crafted book, an heirloom destined to be passed down for generations. When friends gather, it's not about dragging out a computer; it's about sharing the pages of your legacy, unfolding the narrative through images that evoke emotions. Your love story is meant to be told through the tangible embrace of a book—an experience that goes beyond pixels, creating a lasting connection with every turn of the page. Invest in a legacy that you can touch, feel, and share, ensuring your story echoes through the ages.

Choosing Hannah was hands down the best decision we made for our day. The attention to detail and the ability to capture the genuine moments were incredible. The process was seamless, and Hannah made us feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. We're endlessly grateful for the memories captured.


Let's get the party started

Nothing says nostalgia like a few rolls of film. Add on film to your wedding! Add film to your collection, and let your love story unfold in a classic and enduring way. It's about capturing moments in a simple yet sentimental embrace, creating memories that stand the test of time.

Film Photography

Don't want to wait the usual 6-8 weeks to see your photos? The excitement is real and we get that. Skip the queue and add the rush service to have your photos in just a week after your wedding.

Rush Fee

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No story is one and the same

two souls

one story

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I can't wait to tell your love story


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