10 Tips For Your Perfect Wedding Day: Insights from a Documentary Style Photographer

I’d like to say that being a Wedding Photographer that is so focused on telling authentic stories of these days rather than curating unnatural posed moments has given me a different perspective on weddings. As a documentary style photographer, I’m here to share some of my insights, tips, and two-cents on what I think are the most important pieces of a day that’s authentically YOU. No B.S here.

1. Keep It Natural:

Forget those stiff and uncomfortable poses. I’m not here to turn you into statues. Trust me, your authenticity beams through the camera when you’re just being yourselves. The best photos capture the essence of who you are, not some forced version of it.

2. Love > Aesthetics: While a visually stunning wedding is undoubtedly the half of it, let’s not forget the heart of the matter. Your wedding day is about the love, laughter, and connection you share. These are the elements that will truly bring your photos to life. Prioritize genuine moments and know that curating that list to be people that you genuinely love and feel good about it just as important as the pinterest- perfect setup.

3. Embrace the Shadows: Fluorescent white overhead lights? No need to worry about that. The real magic happens in the unique shadows, dark rooms with a hint of light, and those funky and fun light rays. These are the elements that turn your photos into art. Long story short: let’s keep those overhead lights off and focus on whatever the light naturally does.

4. Guided, Not Posed: I won’t be a silent observer; I’m here to help. While natural moments are my priority, a little guidance ensures you look and feel your best. Whether it’s adjusting an arm or fixing your hair, rest assured there won’t be any awkward poses – just genuine you. But yes, I’m still here to help you and make sure you look your most beautiful in every image.

5. Unseen Moments Matter: Some of the most meaningful pictures in your gallery might be the ones you weren’t even aware of. Those spontaneous, unplanned moments tell a unique story and will add a layer of depth to your wedding memories. When you get your gallery back, you’ll relive your day from a whole another perspective, because you’ll see moments you didn’t even know happened. That’s my job – to capture everything, especially those moments on the other side of the venue that you didn’t get to eb there for.

6. Go With the Flow: Things might run behind, or they could speed up unexpectedly. Your wedding day isn’t tied to a rigid timeline on a piece of paper. Embrace the organic flow of the day, and let things unfold naturally.

7. Family Photo Balance: Yes, family photos are crucial, but they don’t need to dominate your entire day. Prioritize capturing key moments with your most important loved ones, then go enjoy your cocktail hour. I’ll be there to capture those unscripted family moments that truly matter.

8. Express Your Priorities: Your wedding day is about you, so don’t hesitate to share what matters most, even if it seems trivial. That extensive questionnaire I send? It’s designed to make sure we capture the little things that make the most significant impact. THE LITTLE THINGS MATTER THE MOST, I promise.

9. Cherish Alone Time: In the whirlwind of the day, taking at least 20 minutes for just the two of you is priceless. Sneak away to your hotel room, pop some champagne, or order a pizza – do whatever feels uniquely ‘you’. These moments are where the real magic happens.

10. Say No When Needed: This is your day, and it should reflect you. If you’re not into a first look or traditional dances, don’t hesitate to say no. Trust me; you’ll be thanking yourself for these decisions 20 years down the road.

As you embark on this wedding planning journey, keep these tips close to heart. Your wedding is a narrative of your love story, and I’m here to capture every authentic, beautiful moment. If you’re curious to see some of my most candid, documented moments, with absolutely no guidance – just an observant eye and camera lens, check out these picture below.

I cannot wait to create our own magic together. Happy planning!

xx, hannah

January 4, 2024

Hannah Kutner



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