Northern Colorado Wedding

Annie and Brennen’s Summer Wedding in the Wyoming Mountains

Day One: Portraits in Medicine Bow-Rouut National Forest

Imagine walking hand in hand with your loved one, venturing into the untamed beauty of the mountains. The crisp air fills your lungs as you walk higher, your hearts pounding with the exhilaration – the day you’ve dreamed of since you were a little kid is finally here. The essence of adventure was prominent at their wedding. Their love was built on the foundation of just that.

Annie and Brennen are not your ordinary couple. They embrace life with a contagious energy and two huge hearts. My heart jumped with joy when Annie told me she was choosing to do her ceremony any portraits in Snowy Range, Wyoming. After our consultation call, I was totally tempted to have my “Meredith-Grey-PICK-ME!” moment. Although I held back, I still got lucky enough for Annie and Brennen to pick me as their photographer!

Mountain Portraits in Snowy Range

As their photographer, I had the privilege of capturing their beautiful journey. We wandered into the heart of the mountains, just us. There’s something so special and intimate about getting to be with the couple in the moments before and after – those are the moments I really consider myself lucky. After we wandered around the mountains and lakes, we headed up to St. Alben’s Chapel. I drove Annie and Brennen up with my second shooter and I in the beloved Subaru Forrester, and stumbled to find a song to play before they got MARRIED *BIG RESPONSIBILITY I KNOW*, and luckily had Rayland Baxter’s Yellow Eyes and Born to Love You downloaded to my phone. Little did I know, they’d walk down the aisle to that song!

Ceremony at St. Alban’s Chapel

The ceremony itself was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by towering pines, Annie and Brennen exchanged their vows, their words floating through the crisp air like delicate promises. There were many tears, mine included.

Day Two: The Most Beautiful Backyard Reception in Northern Colorado’s Foothills

But the adventure did not end there. The following day, Annie and Brennen hosted their reception in their families’ stunning backyard, overlooking the foothills of Colorado. Amidst twinkle lights and blooming flowers, they danced under the sky, creating memories that will forever be engraved in my brain.

What made Annie and Brennen’s wedding truly unforgettable was the overwhelming love and support of their friends and family. Every face in the crowd radiated an undeniable warmth, a testament to the love that surrounded this couple. From tearful speeches to probably the hardest laugh I’ve had in a long time (shoutout to Annie’s sister and Kay for the funniest speech I’ve literally EVER heard), each moment was filled with a deep sense of connection and unconditional love.

As a documentary-style photographer, my aim was not just to capture beautiful images, but also to tell the story of Annie and Brennen’s love. Through my lens, I strive to capture in their photographs the same sense of adventure, sweetness, and romance that I see so clearly their journey. I consider myself truly lucky time and time again to have this job. I want every single one of my couples to be able to relive their wedding day every single time they look at their gallery. I’m hoping mine does just that.

September 1, 2023

Hannah Kutner



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